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Firewire 1394 > Firewire 1394 Firewire 1394 > Adapters Only Firewire 1394 > Firewire 6Pin to 4Pin Adapter - Ziplinq adapters

Firewire 6Pin to 4Pin Adapter - Ziplinq adapters

Firewire 6Pin to 4Pin Adapter  - Ziplinq adapters

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This compact ZipLinq adapter allows you to use one Firewire cable to connect all your high-Speed IEEE 1394 devices to a PC. With this adapter you can connect both your 4 pin and 6 pin devices to a PC with a ZipLinq or standard 6 pin to 6 pin cable.
Small and convenient
Allows you to connect more device to your computer with a single cable
Converts a 6 pin connector to a 4 pin
Saves Space.

Product Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 1 inches
Weight: 16 ounces
Connectors: 6-pin female to 4-pin male convert's 6-pin male cables to 4-pin male
Not for use with bus powered Firewire peripherals Cable Environment
IEEE 1394 Devices
Cable Grade/Rating/Specifics
IEEE 1394
Cable Material/Characteristics
Molded Strain Relief
Cable Material/Characteristics
Foil and Braid Shield
Cable Material/Characteristics
PVC Over molding
Cable Style
IEEE 1394
All Apple FireWire and Sony iLINK Devices
Length: 6ft
Misc Features
Twisted Pair Construction
Number of Sec/Device Connector(s) 1
Primary/Source Connector
(1) 6-Pin Male
Secondary/Device Connector
6-Pin Male
Color: Black
Detailed Features  

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