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Gaming > Gaming Gaming > Retractable Gameboy Advance SP Link Cable

Retractable Gameboy Advance SP Link Cable

Retractable Gameboy Advance SP Link Cable

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The Game Boy Advance Game Link cable allows you to trade data or play multiplayer games with other owners of Game Boy Advance systems. This cable works with the Game Boy Advance portable video game system and Game Boy Advance Game Packs.

Retractable Gameboy Advanced Link Cable is an essential accessory for Gameboy users. Multiple players can use this Gameboy Advanced Link cable to operate Gameboy games. Depending on the games, a Game Link Cable can be used to link two games of the same title or two compatible games.


Gameboy Advance Link Cable definitely you need when you are looking for multiple player option. One cable can connect only 2 GBA systems. You need an additional cable for each additional system. Also most games require each person to have a copy of the game to play multiplayer. With that in mind enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the GBA; it's definitely a lot of fun.

  • Works with compatible Game Link games.
  • Extra long 48inches cable for maximum comfort.
  • Connect for head-to-head multiplayer action.
  • Link cable for Game Boy Advance.
  • Connect for head-to-head multiplayer action ! Fully compatible with GameBoy Advance SP.
  • Gameboy link connector to Gameboy link connector.

Gameboy link connector to Gameboy link connector.
Expands from 4inches to 48inches.
Detailed Features  

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