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Phone Chargers > Phone Chargers Nokia > Adapter Only Nokia > Nokia 2 USB Cell Phone Adapter - ziplinq adapter

Nokia 2 USB Cell Phone Adapter - ziplinq adapter

Nokia 2 USB Cell Phone Adapter - ziplinq adapter

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$ 8.99
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Use this adapter with ZipLinq part # ZIP-USB2-C02 or any other USB A male to A female cable to charge many of the most popular cell phones from Nokia. So small portable, a must for people on the go.
  • Charge the most popular phones from Nokia virtually anywhere
  • Lightweight, streamlined design for easy travel and storage
  • Premium Nokia cell phone charging adapter

Detailed Features  

This Ziplinq Adapter is compatible with following Nokia models

Adapter for Nokia 3155i, Adapter for Nokia 6102i, Adapter for Nokia 6155i, Adapter for Nokia 6265i, Adapter for Nokia E61, Adapter for Nokia N70, Adapter for Nokia Adapter for N71, Adapter for Nokia N72, Adapter for Nokia N73, Adapter for Nokia N80, Adapter for Nokia N90, Adapter for Nokia N91, Adapter for Nokia N92, Adapter for Nokia N93

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