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Phone Chargers > Phone Chargers Nokia > Siemens Nokia > Retractable USB bus power 6V Phone Charger Booster Adapter

Retractable USB bus power 6V Phone Charger Booster Adapter

Retractable USB bus power 6V Phone Charger Booster Adapter

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ZipLinq's uniquely designed voltage step up adapter boosts your USB bus power from 5VDC to 6VDC allowing you to connect ZIP-CELL-M01 to high voltage cell phones. This USB type A male to female adapter offers you a compact and portable solution for quickly charging your phone while on the road
  • Lightweight, streamlined design for easy travel and storage
  • The perfect travel companion
  • Adapts part # ZIP-CELL-M01 to work with higher voltage cell phones
  • 6 Volt 380mA output for super fast charges, even while using your phone

Input: 5VDC 450Ma.
Output: 9VDC 380mA.
Charge time approx one hour.
Durable ABS housing.
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