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USB A Male to USB B Male Adapter

USB A Male to USB B Male Adapter

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The USB 2.0 Device Cable connects your USB printer, scanner, hard drive and other USB devices to your computer. With copper contacts, it provides optimum conductivity and keeps data loss to a minimum.

Connect your PC to a high-speed USB device or hub over 48 inch away.

Transfer rates up to 480Mbps depending on USB version.

USB A male to USB B male.

Overall shield: overall aluminized polyester shield with drain wire and tinned copper braid shield.

Allows much higher speeds than the older USB 1.1 standard.

Broaden the range of external peripherals that can be used on a computer.

Universal serial bus (USB) 2 is complete overhaul of universal serial bus input/output bus protocol
USB 2 has raw data rate at 480Mbps and it is rated 40 times faster than its predecessor interface, USB 1.1, tops at 12Mbps
Originally, USB 2 was intended to go only as fast as 240Mbps, USB 2 promoter group pumped up the speed to 480Mbps
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